Last Bit of 2017 Update

So the last time I had gotten on here I had updated and shared a lot of substantial new stuff! Well, at the time, I was on the verge of finishing 2 other pieces, but I didn't want to show them off yet because I was planning to totally debut them at Ohayocon 2018 in the Artist Alley. Oh ya, so I had the awesome luck and pleasure of getting accepted to the Ohayocon 2018 show, which has now come and gone. It was an awesome show, and part of the reason why I had sooo many new pieces to update my gallery with! I also had been working on upping my table display game, and got lovely backdrop banners to use for when I'm at shows!


More New Stuff! (starting 2018 off on the right foot!)

So...2018, looks like you have a LOT to live up to! In general, 2017 was an awesome year, in fact, as a whole, I honestly can't think of really a single negative thing that came out of it. It was a great year for creativity -- art goals and big accomplishments, to my personal life and goals. It was probably one of my best years yet! So good luck 2018, you're going to need it!

I was really quite proud of myself for being as active online as I was. For those of you who follow me on social media, you may not think so, especially compared to anyone else who you may follow, but I was able to be diligient enough to update my outlets a few times, and better yet, I actually had a substantial amount of new art to show off!

So onto the fun stuff! A lot of these were started sometime in early fall of 2017, and just recently finished up before the end of the year. It just didn't seem apropriate to show them off until now.

I have been diving back into my watercolors and it has felt truly splendid!

 This was a commission piece I did for someone who stopped by my table at an AnimeCon over the summer! I had such a blast doing this one!

These two...

The one on the left started out as a dinky little acrylic painting that I washed leftover paint from another project over a scrap piece of illustration board. I had always liked the direction I was going with it, and had intended to finish it, but I never thought I'd finish it digitally. I think this is my first piece I've ever started traditionally and finished digitally. It was definitely a lot of fun! I think this has been sitting around the studio for 5 years? Ugh! How time flies!

The lady on the right was from a random sketch I was just messing with on my a computer from a couple of years ago. As I was just adding lines, a verse from the song I was listening to stuck out at me and resonated with me and this sketch, and one of the versions of this sketch has this verse scribbled on it as a constant reminder. But this lady has been sitting on my HD for nearly 3 years, begging to be finished. Every time I had opened her, I struggled with painting her; my current painting style at the time just wasn't cutting it for me, and wasn't able to convey the feeling I wanted. Well, over the summer I had started and finished another piece, and while working on that one I figured out how to finally paint this girl. The wait was totally worth it, and I'm proud of how she turned out.

And to wrap up this hefty post, let's not forget some wedding portraits I completed during the last half of the year!


so come and play!

So I've been trying to spread the word and promote my artwork on my social media sites. I've been sharing some big, detailed news on my Blog, and on my Deviantart. As I got to thinking, I need a home base set up where everyone is already familiar with, and where they can go to direct them to the portal that they want.

Each of these sites will feature a different type of artwork that I produce, so be sure to check them all out! My tumblr will mostly feature my day-to-day sketches & doodles. My DeviantArt will feature 18+ rated content, and all the artwork will be censored/locked, so you will need a DA account to view it. My Blogger will feature unspecified artwork, along with some rambles & thoughts. And then my Facebook page, which is tied to my LLC, will feature fully-colored/finished pieces.

So here it is, the list of all of my sites that I'm going to be updating on a regular basis. But don't worry, this place will still receive an update here and there!


also, I'm going to put these icons here, for your aesthetic pleasure! You can also find this icons/links on my Find Me page of my website!