OMG Finally a Substantial Update!!

I have finally returned with a good update with some new art! 2016 flew by and I spent it working! 2017 promises to be just as crazy and fulfilling, with some pretty radical lifestyle and art changes for myself! On top of having so much art produced this year, I've managed to BUY A HOUSE. And not just any house, I've managed to come into ownership of my gorgeous family home that sits on 26 acres!!! It's a dream come true! but here is some of the art that I've managed to produce this year! All these images are here on my front page for everyone's convenience, but they've also been uploaded into their respective galleries, Portraits & Illustration & Fine Art! Both of which can be found under my Portfolio link. I'm hoping to keep my site updated on a much better schedule, so hopefully there will be some better news updates from me! Please keep an eye on my social media accounts, oh, and in case if I didn't mention it, I now have a Storenvy store where people can purchase a print from me if they missed an opportunity to purchase directly from me at a show!




so come and play!

So I've been trying to spread the word and promote my artwork on my social media sites. I've been sharing some big, detailed news on my Blog, and on my Deviantart. As I got to thinking, I need a home base set up where everyone is already familiar with, and where they can go to direct them to the portal that they want.

Each of these sites will feature a different type of artwork that I produce, so be sure to check them all out! My tumblr will mostly feature my day-to-day sketches & doodles. My DeviantArt will feature 18+ rated content, and all the artwork will be censored/locked, so you will need a DA account to view it. My Blogger will feature unspecified artwork, along with some rambles & thoughts. And then my Facebook page, which is tied to my LLC, will feature fully-colored/finished pieces.

So here it is, the list of all of my sites that I'm going to be updating on a regular basis. But don't worry, this place will still receive an update here and there!


also, I'm going to put these icons here, for your aesthetic pleasure! You can also find this icons/links on my Find Me page of my website!